gluten-free hot-water cornbread

Cornmeal cakesIt's a funny thing about cornbread... if you'd asked me before I went gluten-free, I probably would have told you most recipes are made just with cornmeal and no flour. Now that I'm actually aware of that kind of thing, I know the typical recipe does have regular flour in it too. I've put baking on the back burner for a while as I adjust to the gluten-free lifestyle, but I had such a craving for cornbread recently, I started searching all of my cookbooks. I ended up, as I often do, finding a really interesting recipe in The Glory of Southern Cooking by James Villas.Cornmeal cakesThis recipe for Hot-Water Cornbread is naturally gluten-free, no weird substitutions here. About the only thing I changed is using yellow cornmeal instead of white. And as you can see, this isn't baked in a skillet or baking pan. You make a dough from cornmeal, salt, just a bit of sugar, and baking powder. Then you add milk and bacon grease (totally worth the effort) and stir in boiling water, hence the name of the recipe. Finally you fry the cakes in about 1/2 inch of oil.Cornmeal cakesAt first the recipe seemed tricky to me. I wasn't sure if my batter was too thick. Then it seemed like the cakes were sticking to the bottom of the pan as they cooked. Soon I realized you can just have fun with this recipe. Some may be thick, some thin. Some might be light, and some might get really dark and crispy on the edges (like that one in the photo above). Maybe you'll like them better crispy -- it's really a personal preference.Cornmeal cakesIf there is any real challenge, it's not eating them while they're still blazing hot from the skillet. Don't worry, they hold up for a long time. And they're just as good warm as they are at room temperature. I'm already thinking about what I might do differently next time, like maybe add some minced jalapeno or whole corn kernels? And if you haven't heard me say it before, I'll say it again -- The Glory of Southern Cooking is an amazing book. If it seems a bit pricey, keep in mind it will be published in a more affordable paperback edition around August.

a whole lotta pork

Pig by James VillasA year ago I was writing about a photoshoot for a cookbook, but it was too early to tell you about it. Well, the book is being released this week, so now's the time to spill the beans. I'm about to publish a new book with the amazing James Villas called Pig: King of the Southern Table. I think the name says it all, but if it needs explaining, the book is all pork recipes from the Southern United States. Pig isn't quite in stores yet -- give it another week or two -- so you're getting a special preview. These snapshots are all taken by me at the shoot. Simon Andrews did the awesome food styling, and the props are by Penelope Bouklas. The real food photos in the book are taken by Lucy Schaeffer, and you're definitely going to want to check those out for yourself. But here are a bunch of my snapshots from the shoot, to whet your appetite.Pig by James VillasPig by James VillasPig by James VillasSimon Andrews food stylist on shoot for Pig by James VillasPig by James VillasPig by James VillasPig by James VillasPig by James Villas