pops and montreal bagels

Popbar coconut barNow that frozen yogurt joints are almost as common in NYC as Starbucks shops, I think we are in desperate need of a new frozen treat trend. Pops have come to the rescue. I recently raved about La Newyorkina's mango-chile pop at the Hester Street Market. Last weekend I stopped by Popbar in the West Village. The wondrous item above is a coconut pop, dipped in flaked coconut, and drizzled with dark chocolate.PopbarPopbar pretty much rules because they're all about customization. Dunking, dipping, drizzling... you name it. Go with friends and share your creations, because it's going to take a long time to try them all.Montreal bagelsSpeaking of the Hester Street Market, I'd been hearing about "Montreal bagels," but they were nowhere in sight the first time I visited. I stopped back on a Saturday and spotted the Mile End booth. They told me they import these bagels from Montreal every week. You can read more about that (and ordering some) here.Mile End's Montreal bagelThis is "The Beauty," served with lox, cream cheese, tomato, and capers. At $8, I guess it's a little pricey by street food standards, but it's pretty darned tasty. The bagel itself is a bit denser and chewier than a standard NYC bagel, and definitely one of the more flavorful bagels you'll ever try. Don't get me wrong, I still love NYC bagels, but this Montreal thing has got me excited. Now you'll know where to find me on Saturday mornings.