Happy Pie Day, 2011

Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan PiePie Day started out so simply. I think Shauna and Irvin were tweeting about the next time they might meet up and what they would bake together. I jokingly invited myself along, and then so did Ashley (or did Ashley invite herself first?). Well, I forget the exact order of things now, but you can read more about the story here. We settled on a date (July 5) for a virtual bake-in, and within a couple of days, people as far away as the U.K. were talking about Pie Day. It turned into a global event, and I think more than a thousand people are planning to post about pie today. Ah, the power of social networking. My pie recipe, Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan, was created by the amazing David Lebovitz and is highly recommended.pie crustIf you look at David's photos, obviously I made the crust a little differently in a standard glass Pyrex pie pan, thicker around the edges. I guess that's how I like it.  The pastry was perfect and easy to work with, even if my decorating skills leave a little to be desired.chocolate chips for pieI've made a lot of pecan pies in my life, but my long time standard was a Susan Purdy recipe. What immediately distinguishes David's recipe is the chocolate of course.mixing pie ingredientsMaking the filling is a breeze.Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan PieYou pour everything into the unbaked crust, which is a nice time-saver.Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan PieThe interesting thing about this recipe is that even with the chocolate, it's not very sweet. In fact, I'd describe this as "adult" pie. Also, despite appearances, it's a little lighter in texture than many pecan pies I've tried.  I think that's because you chop up the nuts and mix them all throughout, versus pies I've had with a very dense filling layer and the pecans floating on the top. If you look closely at this photo, you can see a little green bit of something on the top, towards the left side. This was served as a birthday pie for the daughter of JustcookNYC, and it's a bit of melted candle! Well, I don't think anyone minded. Happy Pie Die!