crazy brownie party

browniesI've read on some of my favorite baker blogs (you know who you are) about baking extravaganzas -- multiple cakes, cookies, and other treats all made in one night. Besides maybe Christmas, that's not usually my thing, but I've had some reasons to celebrate in the past few days. I browsed through Martha Stewart's Cookies and put together a shopping list for not one, not two, not three, but four types of brownies. Then I figured I'd see how things went. A few hours later, I'd baked them all, so I brought them to work for a little office brownie party.ginger browniesI had never tried any of the recipes before, and this was the only brownie that turned out fudgy like I prefer. It was flavored with both grated fresh ginger and dried ginger -- really interesting if you like chocolate and spice.peanut butter browniesI thought these peanut butter swirl brownies were too light and cakey for my normal preferences, but they were gone pretty fast at the party. Next time I'd maybe underbake them. Flavorwise, they're hard to beat.cream cheese blondiesThese cream cheese blondies were the sleeper. People seemed almost reluctant to try them. Even though they look cakey, they were quite moist, and there was just a hint of cheesecake flavor. I'd make this again for sure.coconut browniesThe coconut brownies, like the peanut butter ones, had a high visual appeal. Again, I'd probably underbake them next time, but I'm a real coconut fan, so it was hard to go wrong. A disclaimer -- I couldn't find unsweetened coconut in my regular supermarket, so I went with the sweetened stuff, so I can't vouch for the real recipe either way.browniesI'm still snacking on the leftovers as I write. And to Gypsy, Jana, and Marcy (and the rest of the team), thanks again.