thoughts about Matt and some stick food

Asia Dog, NYCA few things about Matt Armendariz. He has a cool blog (but you already know that). He's an amazing photographer. He took the photos for a book I'm publishing with the folks from Good Bite in the Fall (can't wait for this one!). He's probably going to photograph a couple more cool books for me in the next few months which I can't talk about yet (one hint here...). I've never actually met Matt in person (weird, I know). And I haven't yet gotten myself a copy of his new cookbook -- On a Stick! But I was thinking about some yummy stick food I've tried recently, so here you go. First up, Brooklyn Flea favorite Asia Dog has opened a shop on Kenmare Street, nearby Chinatown. There aren't many seats, but with portable food like this kimchi-flavored corn dog, you won't mind taking your food to go.Horchata ice popIf you live in NYC and haven't been to the Hester Street Fair yet, get your butt over there! La New Yorkina is there of course, and I couldn't resist trying this horchata pop, with a rasberry filling. I hope you don't mind -- I had to eat about halfway through to get down to the filling for this photo. The things I do for my blog...Landhaus maple-glazed bacon stickAnd this bit of heaven is from the Landhaus (finally found a web site for these guys) booth at Smorgasburg. It's called Maple-Glazed Bacon Stick. Yes, that's pretty much it, except they sprinkle some spice on it right before serving. This is perfect food.