fudgy, peanut buttery and Nutella-y

fudgeI'm not sure if it's a Jersey shore thing, or maybe an East Coast thing, but I really love fudge. If I had to explain why I enjoy it so much, I'd say it's about the texture. I was convinced for a long time that fudge is one of those things regular people can't make at home. Then I started reading on a bunch of blogs about best ever fudge recipes and figured it was time to give it a try. But if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know the my first attempt was a bust. It was way too solid, almost just a block of chocolate. I didn't even want to give away the source of the recipe but some guessed it and told me the supposedly "no fail" recipe was supposed to be dense like that. I don't mind dense, but that was break-a-tooth-on-it fudge. No thanks. I promised to try making fudge again and finally found this Nutella-Peanut Butter Fudge recipe. Two of my favorite flavors mixed with chocolate? Yes, please.fudgeI've heard so many weird stories lately about bloggers "borrowing" content from other bloggers, and so I want to be sure I get this right. I found this recipe on the great Cake Duchess site. She gives credit to equally awesome Cookin' Canuck for an earlier version. And she gives credit to Giada for the original fudge recipe. I definitely made the Cake Duchess version, but thank to everyone for pushing me in the right direction. This has that soft texture I was hoping for. It's not exactly like the stuff I get at the shore, but with the sea salt on top, this is a fudge-lovers fix for sure. And did I mention this is really easy to make? Just don't ask me how much of the pan of fudge I ate all by myself.

not-quite-right fudge

fudgeI'm a big fan of eating fudge, but not so good at making it. Okay, so this was my first try, but I read about a no-fail version, and it kind of failed. Maybe my source wasn't so reliable -- I should probably do some research before I complain. It actually looks pretty good, but it was way too dense. I've heard of other people having a similar problem with making homemade fudge. I'm very open to tips for next time. Here's how it went, mostly in photos.chocolatepecanscondensed sweetened milkfudgefudgefudgefudgeI could tell when I was heating it and transferring it into the pan that this wasn't going well. Way too firm. I went with a Rocky Road version with pecans, although you can't really see the marshmallows until you cut into it.fudgeBut it looks yummy, no? I will definitely try again.