chicken adobo... so good

chicken adoboI'm still loving This is a Cookbook. Sure this is only the second recipe I've made from the book, but I've been known to get my hands on a new cookbook, try one recipe, and never pick it up again. Add to that I've got a list of more recipes I want to try. This one is chicken adobo. If you know much about me in real life, then you might wonder how it's possible I've never made it before. Yes, there was the bacon pork adobo, but that's entirely different. In fact, in terms of Filipino cuisine, I don't exactly know what "adobo" means, except that "adobo anything" tends to taste really, really good.chicken adoboThis recipe by Max and Eli Sussman can't get much simpler. Tamari (I used gluten-free of course), vinegar, chicken thighs, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaves -- the only trick is patience (and that you'll probably want to double or triple the recipe and invite good friends over for dinner). You have to cook the dish for about 1 1/2 hours to get the chicken so tender, it's falling off the bone. Totally worth it. Then serve over rice. I roasted some broccoli with garlic and tossed it with a bit of lemon juice for a complete meal. How tasty was it? Let's just say I might make it again this coming weekend. Thanks to the publisher for the complimentary copy of the book.