Blogher Food '10 SF and a crazy foodie concert

Justin SchwartzJoy the Baker found my post about her cranberry banana bread, and if you read her comment, then you might be wondering about it. Yes, it's true, I think I can now formally announce that I'm going to be a speaker at Blogher Food '10 in San Francisco on October 8 and 9. It's a vocation panel on Day 2 called "Do You Have a Cookbook In You?" and I'm doing it with my authors (and friends) Shauna James Ahern and Nancy Bagget, moderator Susan Russo, and (updated) Dorie Greenspan. I used the photo above for my Blogher profile, which you can check out here if you're a member (which I bet you are). Wish me luck, and if you're attending, check out the panel and be sure to introduce yourself if you see me around.signJen took that photo of me at the top just before a concert we saw over the weekend. The show was in a weird space in Brooklyn on President Street, hidden behind a rusty fence with this inviting sign. But this was no ordinary concert. First, the band was one of my all-time favorites, Asobi Seksu. But even more interesting -- there were a whole bunch of cool, local food vendors there. What a yummy idea. Check out these photos.K-thos Korean bbqK-thos Korean bbqK-thos Korean bbq peoplesignconcert crowdBao Bingconcert snacks for salesignEmpanadas DPMCool, right? About those empanadas... omg. The vendor was called Empanadas DPM, and I'll be keeping an eye out for them at other Brooklyn events because they were awesome. Perfect crust, amazing fillings. Yum.Asobi SeksuAsobi SeksuAsobi SeksuFinally, I have to post a few shots of Asobi Seksu. They put on such a great show. See you in SF.