this is a cool cookbook

Turkish Baked EggsFor the record, I don't really do brunch. Actually I love breakfast, but you'll never find me downtown at a sidewalk cafe paying $15 for an omelet and sipping mimosas. But when I'm home on a lazy weekend, I don't mind making something extra yummy in the morning, and that's where this new book comes in. I was lucky to get a complimentary copy of This is a Cookbook by hip Brooklyn chefs Max and Eli Sussman the other day -- this book is really cool. Nothing I can say about it will do justice to how unusual it is, so please check it out for yourself. The design is so fun and fresh, it's like almost no cookbook I've seen before. Of course the design might not be your thing, but it's totally my style, so much so that I have to say I really wish I edited and published this one myself.tomatoesThis recipe called Turkish Baked Eggs starts off unusually for breakfast. You squish up canned San Marzano tomatoes and cook them with some spices in olive oil. Then try to resist the temptation to boil up a pot of pasta, which would go great with the sauce. Spread the tomato mixture into the bottom of a pan. It called for a 9-inch square baking pan, but I decided to use this gorgeous Anolon Nouvelle Copper pan I'd gotten at Big Summer Potluck.spinachNext you saute some baby spinach, just briefly, and place that on top of the tomatoes. Lastly, and if there is a tricky part, this is it -- you make indentations in the spinach and crack raw eggs into them. My pan was obviously smaller than the intended one, so I could fit only five eggs instead of six as called for in the recipe, and the egg whites ran together a bit, but none of that matters much.Turkish Baked EggsYou top everything with feta cheese and bake it in the oven. I baked mine a bit longer than specified because I wanted to get it more golden on top. Probably if I made it again, I'd just put it under the broiler for a minute at the end. By the way, I didn't show it here, but you serve it with a sauce you make from yogurt, milk, and lemon zest, and though I had my doubts at first, the lemon really brings out the flavors of everything else. Total breakfast decadence, although I suppose with all that spinach, this is relatively healthy. Shhh, I won't tell if you don't.