easiest "pizza" ever

Sam the Cooking Guy "pizza"Sam the Cooking Guy is back in town this weekend for a little media blitz. With any luck, Jen and I will meet up with him for some Japanese, Chinese, or Korean food downtown on Saturday night. Speaking of Sam, this "pizza" recipe comes from his new book, Awesome Recipes and Kitchen Shortcuts. This recipe is so easy, it reminds me of when I was a kid and made pizza bagels (before someone got the crazy idea to start selling them frozen). And it's versatile too. I bet it would be great with some fresh basil on top, or maybe a bit of good oil for finishing. Dried oregano, some yummy olives, a few capers... the possibilities are endless.Sam the Cooking Guy "pizza"You start with roasted red peppers. If you've got time, I guess you could roast 'em yourself, but the jarred kind are marinated, and that adds something special. I chopped these, but you can buy the pre-chopped to make the recipe even easier.Sam the Cooking Guy "pizza"Then you need some blue cheese. I wouldn't splurge for the Maytag this time. Just get the basic stuff. The pre-crumbled cheese would be even easier.Sam the Cooking Guy "pizza"Split an Italian or French bread and put it under the broiler for a minute, to toast lightly. Put some of the peppers on top. I mentioned this was insanely easy, right?Sam the Cooking Guy "pizza"Then top with some of the cheese and pop it under the broiler for 2 to 3 minutes. Yeah, that's it, but watch it so you don't burn the bread. Then you can serve them whole or cut them up into smaller pieces. My daughter said it was "tangy" right before she devoured it.