almost the 4th, kimchee dogs, and crazy-good ice cream

Guerrilla Ice CreamThanks to everyone for tips on where I should eat in D.C. and Philly. (It's not too late to post more suggestions!) Someday I'll stop raving about the Hester Street Fair, but that day isn't today. I stopped by for the holiday weekend celebrations, which included a live DJ. I'd tried some samples of Guerrilla Ice Cream the week before, but today I was craving more than a taste. This bit of icy heaven is called the Chinatown Tea Party. (I know, how could I possibly not order one?) It was a special of the day, made with their Steel Buddha Tea Sorbet and topped with Chinese walnut cookies and fresh dragonfruit. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever had fresh dragonfruit before, even though they're all over Chinatown right now. This was a refreshing, floral, just-sweet-enough-but-not-too-sweet, and overall totally enjoyable experience, not quite like anything else I've tried before. Nice one, guys. By the way, Guerrilla seems totally cool -- check out their site to learn more about their politics and charitable work.Mama O's kichee dogThat sorbet came in handy because I was nicely spiced up after eating this radish kimchee chili- and kimchee kraut-topped brat from Mama O's. They asked if I wanted it spicy and proceeded to add a nice dash of Sriracha. These guys think like me -- hearty, spicy Korean food to the rescue.Jen and EmilySpeaking of Korean, that's Jen of course, along with her sister, Emily. They both got haircuts in the East Village while I was eating my way through the Lower East Side. Aww, how cute are they? In case I don't write again tomorrow, happy 4th everyone!