kimchi fried rice, with an egg

Kimchi Fried RiceI've never been one to make Chinese fried rice at home. Sure it's a good way to use up leftover rice, but it just wasn't my thing. Then I found out about Korean-style kimchi fried rice. Using a real recipe isn't that important. You need kimchi and rice -- that's for sure. The rest is best when you improvise. Generally I'll start with bacon (or pork belly if I'm lucky). Korean red pepper paste is also pretty important, but probably not required if the kimchi has a lot of extra juice to add for that gorgeous red color. I tend to improvise with a little soy sauce (gluten-free of course) and vinegar. I might throw in some fresh ginger and scallions if I have them. And in this case, as you can see, I fried a bit of tofu and served it with a sunny-side-up egg on top. This is how I like to cook, tasting along the way. Just don't ask me for a recipe.