a Greek, cheesy, chicken stew

Greek Chicken StewAnd the love affair continues, with Hot & Cheesy by award-winning author Clifford Wright of course. This time I made the Greek Chicken Stew. I'd ask where this book has been all my life, but then again, it was only just published last month. Mind you, I don't cook this way very often. This is comfort food, weekend food, rich food. Don't let that stop you from checking the book out though, because I think we've got a bit more winter in store, and dishes like this are sure to warm you up.spicesIt's surprising I don't make those little bouquet garni thingies more often. I love the whole idea of a baggie of whole spices that you remove just before serving. Why do I like the idea? You know, I'm a food geek.cheese for Greek Chicken StewAnother food geek moment -- you fry the kefalotyri cheese before adding it to the simmering stew. It gets soft and sticky fast, so be careful.Greek Chicken StewEventually it turns out like this. The big onions are grated on a box grater and so they practically liquify while it simmers for the first forty-five minutes. Then you add small onions, which look gorgeous, and simmer for another forty-five minutes. The blobs of Greek cheese are a nice surprise when you get one in your mouth. Truth be told, I'm not really a big fan of chicken, but this is chicken done right.