2011 -- looking back and moving on

2011 recapI'm not likely to forget 2011 anytime soon, but I'm glad it's over. When I first started working on a recap post, I focused just on the food. Then I thought I should focus on the people instead. Then I realized there's almost no distinguishing between the two, at least not the way my life typically goes. Food brings people together, at least the kind of people I tend to know.A highlight for me in 2011 had to be the food crawls. There's the food of course. I also love checking out a neighborhood I don't get to visit very often (funny since I'm originally from Flushing, Queens, but it's changed a lot over the years). But I have to say that the right crowd is what makes a foodie meet-up memorable.2011 recapI couldn't write a recap of 2011 without talking about the baking. A lot of baking. And if you know me in real life, maybe you got to sample a few of these treats.2011 recapPeople love talking about the food truck scene, but I'm kind of over it. Don't get me wrong -- I'm more than happy to get my lunch from a truck whenever possible. But what got me excited this year were the food festivals -- Hester Street, New Amsterdam Market, and especially Smorgasburg. It would take me ten posts to list all the vendors I loved best, so I shouldn't even try.2011 recapI'll let the photos do the talking. Now I'm counting the days until the weather warms up  and these markets can all open again.2011 recapI attended just a couple of the smaller food blogger conferences this year, and I definitely made the right choice. Those bigger conferences are fine if you're interested in power networking, but now I know better -- you really can't beat the intimacy at events like these. I'm so honored to have been a part of these events.2011 recapThe photoshoots I worked on this year were particularly interesting. I can't say too much about them yet because the cookbooks are still in production, and I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm really excited about some of these projects.2011 recapMost of these moments don't need much explanation, or if I tried to explain them, it would take quite a while. These photos all have one thing in common -- they make me smile. And while 2011 was far from perfect, clearly I have a lot to be happy about.