a little Thanksgiving recap

Thanksgiving pieMy family may be small, but I cooked enough food for a crowd this Thanksgiving. I'll keep this post simple -- just the highlights. First, I made that Chocolate Butterscotch Pie from The Glory of Southern Cooking again. I'm a little obsessed with it now. I made the crust with lard this time, my first lard experience. I can't quite describe how amazing the crust was. Perfect texture, slightly savory aroma, beautiful flake, rich. I get it now, lard is amazing.Thanksgiving meringue toppingThe funny thing about this pie is the meringue topping, just because I used to proclaim to dislike meringue. Now I'm a convert.Thanksgiving turkey, uncookedStrangely enough I didn't get a photo of the finished turkey, but I did snap this photo of the bird before she went into the oven. My recipe comes from The Bon Appetit Cookbook -- you make an herb butter which you spread under and over the skin. Shallots go inside the cavity and in the pan, and you end up with an incredible roasted herb-shallot gravy.Thanksgiving sweet potato soupThis sweet potato-bourbon soup from The Glory of Southern Cooking is a Thanksgiving family favorite now. I've written about it before, and I'll likely do so again in years to come. It's sweet, a little bit spicy and very creamy.Thanksgiving stuffingThe recipe for this sausage-apple stuffing is also from The Bon Appetit Cookbook.  I'm so thankful there are leftovers of this to eat for dinner tonight. It's stuffing perfection.Thanksgiving Brussels sproutsThis recipe also came from The Bon Appetit Cookbook -- lemony Brussels sprouts. Normally I'd roast my sprouts, but these were done on the stovetop. It's a great dish to whip up while the turkey is resting. Hmm, I didn't take a photo of the cranberry sauce, but I made mine with orange zest and Grand Marnier, as always.Thanksgiving cauliflower casseroleThis is a cauliflower gratin from Cooking for Friends by (my friends) Allison Attenborough and Jamie Kimm. The coincidence is that I'll be working with Jamie next week on a photo shoot -- he's an amazing food stylist.Thanksgiving pumpkin cheesecakeYes, I made David Lebovitz's incredible pumpkin cheesecake again. Just like last year, I improvised with the crust -- this time I made it with ginger snaps, even though it looks chocolatey in the photo. That's a pecan-caramel-bourbon sauce on top. Love.Thanksgiving pieSpeaking of love, I had to include one more photo of the pie. The texture is impossibly light, even though it might seem very dense here. Best of all, we've got half the pie left for dessert tonight. Can't wait.