can I be a cool foodie again?

5-layer barsLast night I lost my street cred. I was baking these heavenly 5-layer bars from a cookbook I'm really excited about. I can't say much yet because the book won't be out until this Fall, but it's in partnership with an incredible charity called Cookies for Kids Cancer. And, well, it's one of the perks of my job that I get to try out the recipes early. I got a little distracted though, and next thing I knew it was after 11pm and these bars were just coming out of the oven. They're made with sweetened condensed milk, and that stuff gets molten hot. So I tweeted this. Mental note -- never say it's too late for snacking on Twitter. The confused replies started rolling in. First Bianca, next Irvin, and then JM. They did not approve.5-layer barsI swear I'm a hardcore foodie.  When I go to San Francisco I'm known to eat two Mexican tortas on 24th Street for breakfast. I've usually got no less than eight kinds of chocolate and morsels in the house for baking. I travel to the last stop on the A train and then keep walking to get the best roti in NYC. And I'll eat a cookie while it's still burning hot from the oven, just for the fun of it. But there was no way to cut a square of these bars while they were still hot! I joked about how I'd have to eat them with a spoon at this stage, which of course Maris said she would be up for. Shut down... again! By this time I was already in bed, with the pan of decadent bars sitting on the stovetop, slowly cooling as intended, and the damage was done. How do I un-tarnish my reputation now? Will awesome-r foodies ever forgive me?P.S. The bars sliced up beautifully in the morning. Remember to ask me about this book in the Fall, because it's going to be a great one.