2nd chance blondies

blondiesI tend to blog about recipes from old, rare, and out-of-print cookbooks. You know what I mean -- those books on your shelf that are so dog-eared, stained, and worn-out that the pages just fall out of them if you're not careful. I have a bunch of books like that, and then when someone posts a comment asking about the book, the best I can do is send them on a wild goose chase, or maybe to a specialty shop like Kitchen Arts & Letters. One book like that in my kitchen is Sally Sampson's The Bake Sale Cookbook, a go-to favorite. That's where this amazing white chocolate chip blondie recipe comes from.blondiesI'm happy to report that the recipe will be coming back to life this fall in a book being published in partnership with a great charity called Cookies for Kids Cancer, which has raised millions of dollars for pediatric cancer research through bake sales held all over the country. Even though the book won't be out for a while, it's on Amazon now if you want to read a little bit more about it and the cause. I'll definitely be talking more about this book in months to come, but in the meanwhile, watch out for a big bake sale push they're organizing for May -- 700 sales in all. Glad is matching up to $225,000 in funds raised, so that's an even better reason to do what you can to support this incredible organization.