the amazing Flour cookbook -- one last time

Chunky Lola CookieI know, I know... what's wrong with me?  I can't stop talking about this Flour cookbook by Joanne Chang, and I didn't even work on the book myself.  Well, if it's driving you crazy to hear me rave out this book, then why are you reading my blog?  Just kidding! But seriously, this might be my last post about it.  I wanted to sneak in one more post before the holidays, just in case you still haven't gotten the hint and while there is still time to buy it as a holiday gift.  (Apparently it's gotten hard to find, so if you spot a copy, then definitely get your hands on it.)  This recipe is called the Chunky Lola Cookie. According to the recipe headnote, the name isn't related to what's in the cookie.  So what is in it? Pecans, chocolate, oats, coconut... everything awesome.Chunky Lola CookieI made a double batch so I'd have plenty to share with my coworkers, probably for the last time this year before I take a little vacation.  If Joanne Chang is reading this, yes, I skimped on the dough cooling time (again), which is probably why mine are a bit on the thin side.  And I made mine smaller than the size specified in the recipe so I had to tweak the baking time a bit.  But if taste is the most important thing, then these are definite winners.